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Monday, 10 November 2008
Page: 100

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number]

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 208—Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03793]*.

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2008-2009—Advance to the Finance Minister—No. 1 of 2008-2009 [F2008L04299]*.

Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2008-2009—Determination to reduce appropriations upon request (No. 5 of 2008-2009) [F2008L04292]*.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act—

Australian Meat and Live-stock (Beef Exports to the USA - Quota Year 2009) Order 2008 [F2008L03832]*.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry (Sheepmeat and Goatmeat Export to the European Union - Quota Year 2009) Order 2008 [F2008L03824]*.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Confidentiality) Determination No. 12 of 2008—Information provided by locally-incorporated banks and foreign ADIs under Reporting Standard ARS 320.0 [F2008L04058]*.

Australian Research Council Act—

Approval of Proposals—Determinations Nos—

58—Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development commencing in 2009.

59—Linkage International Fellowships commencing in 2009.

60—Linkage Projects Round 1 commencing in 2009.

61—Discovery Projects commencing in 2009.

Australian Laureate Fellowships Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2009 [F2008L04272]*.

Future Fellowships Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2009 [F2008L04274]*.

Banking Act—

Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations—

Direction relating to foreign currency transactions and to Burma—Amendment to the annex; and variation of exemptions—Amendment to the annexes, dated 16 October 2008 [F2008L03865]*.

Direction relating to foreign currency transactions and to Iran, dated 13 October 2008 [F2008L03785]*.

Variations of exemptions, dated 13 October 2008—



Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 222—Banking Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L04286]*.

Broadcasting Services Act—

Broadcasting Services (Amalgamated Remote Television Licence Areas - Geraldton and Remote and Regional Western Australia Determination 2008 [F2008L04260]*.

Broadcasting Services (Amalgamated Remote Television Licence Areas - Kalgoorlie and Remote and Regional Western Australia) Determination 2008 [F2008L04255]*.

Broadcasting Services (Amalgamated Remote Television Licence Areas - South South West and Remote and Regional Western Australia) Determination 2008 [F2008L04259]*.

Broadcasting Services (Amalgamated Remote Television Licence Areas - Western Zone and Remote and Regional Western Australia) Determination 2008 [F2008L04258]*.

Charter of the United Nations Act—Charter of the United Nations (Designated Commonwealth Entity) Amendment Declaration (No. 1) [F2008L03609]*.

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—Instruments Nos CASA—

527/08—Instructions - GLS approach procedures [F2008L03776]*.

528/08—Directions - for determining maximum weight [F2008L03784]*.

EX59/08—Exemption - refuelling with passengers on board [F2008L03100]*.

EX66/08—Exemption - navigation and anti-collision lights [F2008L03467]*.

EX70/08—Exemption - use of radiocommunication systems in firefighting operations (Western Australia) [F2008L03710]*.

EX73/08—Exemption - solo flight training using ultralight aeroplanes registered with RAA at Coffs Harbour Aerodrome [F2008L03907]*.

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives—Part—


AD/A320/11 Amdt 2—Engine Rear Mount Barrel Nuts [F2008L04175]*.

AD/A320/178 Amdt 1—Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator [F2008L03738]*.

AD/A330/76 Amdt 4—Electrical Power/APU Generator Inspection [F2008L03969]*.

AD/A330/84 Amdt 1—Flight Control Primary Computer Dispatch Limitations [F2008L03786]*.

AD/B737/342—Lavatory Water Supply [F2008L03708]*.

AD/B747/384—Number 3 Main Entry Doors [F2008L03683]*.

AD/BEECH 90/62 Amdt 1—Horizontal Stabiliser Forward Spar Web Rivets - Inspection [F2008L03976]*.

AD/BEECH 200/38 Amdt 5—Wing Front Spars [F2008L03978]*.

AD/CASA/26 Amdt 2—Steering System Hydraulic Installation [F2008L04009]*.

AD/CESSNA 206/19—Rudder Trim Chain [F2008L03740]*.

AD/CESSNA 207/11—Rudder Trim Chain [F2008L03739]*.

AD/DAUPHIN/98—Vertical Gyro Unit Data Output - Operational Limitation/Procedure [F2008L04174]*.

AD/DH 104/20—Landing Gear Actuator Pistons - Inspections and Replacement [F2008L04013]*.

AD/DHA-3/3—Wing Engine Mount Cross Brace Tube - Modification [F2008L04014]*.

AD/DHA-3/4—Fuel Tank Vent - Modification [F2008L04015]*.

AD/DHA-3/5—Windscreen Wiper - Modification [F2008L04016]*.

AD/DHA-3/6—Fuel Filter - Modification [F2008L04017]*.

AD/DHA-3/7—Horizontal Tail Plane Attachments - Modification [F2008L04018]*.

AD/DHA-3/8—Electrical Cable Insulation - Modification [F2008L04019]*.

AD/DHA-3/9—Battery Master Switch Insulation - Modification [F2008L04020]*.

AD/DHA-3/10—Hand Brake Installation - Modification [F2008L04021]*.

AD/DHA-3/13—Horizontal Tailplane Attachments - Inspection [F2008L04022]*.

AD/DHA-3/14—Fairey-Reed Propellers - Spinner Removal [F2008L04023]*.

AD/DHA-3/15—Rear Fuselage - Elevator Quadrant Installation - Modification [F2008L04024]*.

AD/DHA-3/16 Amdt 1—Undercarriage Bolts P/N U3-129 - Inspection [F2008L04025]*.

AD/DHA-3/17—Fuselage at Wing Rear Pickups - Modification [F2008L04026]*.

AD/DHA-3/18—Fuselage - Cross Beam and Attachment Brackets at Firewall - Modification [F2008L04027]*.

AD/DHA-3/19—Fuselage - Installation of Strengthened Support Brackets - Lower Centre Engine Mounts [F2008L04028]*.

AD/DHA-3/20—Wing Rib No. 5 - Inspection [F2008L04029]*.

AD/DHA-3/22—Flap Link Attachment Bracket (Outer) - Inspection [F2008L04030]*.

AD/DHA-3/23—Flap Inner Link Attachment Brackets - Inspection [F2008L04031]*.

AD/DHA-3/24 Amdt 1—Tailplane Spar and Elevator Hinge Stiffener Bracket - Inspection [F2008L04032]*.

AD/DHA-3/27—Wing to Fuselage Attachments - Inspection [F2008L04033]*.

AD/DHC-1/6—Engine Mount Pick-Up Bolt - Inspection [F2008L03742]*.

AD/DHC-1/9—Rudder Torque Tube Flange - Inspection [F2008L03743]*.

AD/DHC-1/22 Amdt 3—Tailplane Structure [F2008L03744]*.

AD/DHC-3/17—Engine Cooling [F2008L04035]*.

AD/DHC-3/19—Fuel Line Chafing [F2008L04036]*.

AD/DHC-3/20—Mixture Control Lever Quadrant [F2008L04038]*.

AD/DHC-3/21—Rudder Pedal Support [F2008L04039]*.

AD/DHC-3/26—Tailplane Hinge Bolts [F2008L04040]*.

AD/DHC-3/28—Front Fuselage - Windshield Post [F2008L04041]*.

AD/DHC-6/1—Upper Rudder Fairing - Modification [F2008L04043]*.

AD/DHC-6/6—Tailplane Attachment Bolts - Modification [F2008L04051]*.

AD/DHC-6/11—Flap Elevator Trim Cables - Modification [F2008L04052]*.

AD/DHC-6/13—Flap Control Push Rod Assembly - Modification [F2008L04053]*.

AD/DHC-6/14—Fuselage to Wing Front Spar Attachments - Inspection [F2008L04055]*.

AD/DHC-6/21 Amdt 1—Elevator Connecting Rod - Inspection [F2008L04065]*.

AD/DHC-6/22—Propeller Auto Feather System - Modification [F2008L04066]*.

AD/DHC-6/25 Amdt 1—Main Undercarriage Platen Attach Link Fittings - Inspection [F2008L04067]*.

AD/DHC-6/26—Nose Landing Gear Fork Lock Pin - Inspection [F2008L04068]*.

AD/EC 135/21—Rear Structure/Tail Boom [F2008L03792]*.

AD/EC 225/6—Main Rotor Hub Coning Stop Supports [F2008L03705]*.

AD/EC 225/7—Fuselage - Frame 5295 and Outer Skin Panelling [F2008L03706]*.

AD/EC 225/8—Main Gearbox (MGB) Suspension Bar Fittings [F2008L03707]*.

AD/EC 225/9—Fuselage - Intermediate Gearbox Fairing Gutter [F2008L03712]*.

AD/EC 225/10—Rotor Flight Controls - Tail Servo-control [F2008L03745]*.

AD/ECUREUIL/132—Emergency Floatation Gear [F2008L03864]*.

AD/HS 125/182—MLG Upper Casing [F2008L03794]*.

AD/HU 369/121 Amdt 2—Vertical Stabilizer Control System Adapter Tubes [F2008L04173]*.

AD/PA-24/9—Control Tube Guide Blocks - Safety Wiring [F2008L03713]*.

AD/PA-24/14 Amdt 2—Exhaust System - Inspection [F2008L04113]*.

AD/PA-24/22—Baggage Door Latch - Inspection [F2008L03714]*.

AD/PA-24/25—Seat Frame - Modification [F2008L03715]*.

AD/PA-24/29—Rudder Balance Weight - Installation [F2008L03716]*.

AD/PA-24/30 Amdt 1—Uncoordinated Manoeuvres - Warning Placard [F2008L03717]*.

AD/PA-24/31—Landing Gear and Flap Assemblies - Inspection [F2008L03718]*.

AD/PA-24/32 Amdt 2—Stabilator Attachment Bolts - Inspection [F2008L03719]*.

AD/PA-24/36 Amdt 1—Fin Forward Spar Attachment - Inspection [F2008L03720]*.

AD/PA-25/10—Jury Struts - Inspection and Modification [F2008L04084]*.

AD/PA-34/4—Stabilator - Inspection and Drilling of Drain Holes [F2008L03721]*.

AD/PA-34/8—Wing Walk - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03722]*.

AD/PA-34/10—Rudder Bar Assembly - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03723]*.

AD/PA-34/11—Wing Skin/Rib - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03725]*.

AD/PA-34/12—Nose Gear Drag Link Assembly - Inspection [F2008L03724]*.

AD/PA-34/13—Propeller Damper Screws - Replacement [F2008L03697]*.

AD/PA-34/15—Outer Wing Spars - Inspection [F2008L03727]*.

AD/PA-34/16 Amdt 1—Wing Spar Lower Tension Strap - Inspection [F2008L03726]*.

AD/PA-34/20—Pneumatic De-Icer Tubing - Inspection [F2008L03698]*.

AD/PA-34/21—Rudder Cable Installation Rear Fuselage - Inspection [F2008L03729]*.

AD/PA-34/22—Fuselage Structure Rivets - Inspection [F2008L03728]*.

AD/PA-34/23—Induction, Air Box, Filter Locator Clips - Replacement [F2008L03699]*.

AD/PA-34/24—Engine Control Rod End Bearings - Inspection and Replacement [F2008L03700]*.

AD/PA-34/28—Glove Compartment - Modification [F2008L03730]*.

AD/PA-34/29 Amdt 2—Main Wing Spar Attaching Nuts [F2008L03731]*.

AD/PA-34/31—Stabilator Skin - Inspection [F2008L03732]*.

AD/PA-34/33—Window Curtain Rod Support Area - Inspection [F2008L03733]*.

AD/PA-34/35—Fuselage Structure, LH Side Sta.108 - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03734]*.

AD/PA-34/40—Stabilator Attach Fitting Corrosion [F2008L03735]*.

AD/PA-34/42 Amdt 1—Aileron Hinge Fitting Assembly [F2008L03736]*.

AD/PA-34/47—Nose Gear Hydraulic Actuator Mount Assembly [F2008L03737]*.

AD/PREMIER/6—Hydraulic Pump Pressure Output Hose [F2008L04265]*.

106—AD/RB211/27 Amdt 3—LP Compressor Fan Blades [F2008L04129]*.

107—AD/AIRCON/14 Amdt 2—Zonal Drying System Regeneration Air Duct Overheat [F2008L03972]*.

Commissioner of Taxation—Public Rulings—

Class Rulings—

CR 2008/62-CR 2008/72.

Notices of Withdrawal—CR 2003/61, CR 2006/89, CR 2006/108 and CR 2006/109.

Goods and Services Tax Ruling—Addendum—GSTR 2008/3.

Miscellaneous Taxation Ruling—Notice of Partial Withdrawal—MT 2024.

Product Rulings—

Addendum—PR 2008/13.

Erratum—PR 2008/65.

Notice of Withdrawal—PR 2008/13.

PR 2008/66-PR 2008/71.

Taxation Determinations—

Addenda—TD 2006/63, TD 2006/65 and TD 2006/71.

Notices of Withdrawal—TD 35, TD 36, TD 2006/69 and TD 2006/70.

Taxation Rulings—

Addendum—TR 2003/4.

TR 2008/8.

Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act—Notices under section 45—

Film Australia Limited.

Maritime Industry Finance Company Limited (MIFCo).

Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes) Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 214—Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes) Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03778]*.

Corporations Act—

Accounting Standard AASB 2007-10—Further Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards arising from AASB 101 [F2008L04269]*.

ASIC Class Orders—

[CO 08/781] [F2008L04270]*.

[CO 08/801] [F2008L04171]*.

Criminal Code Act—Select Legislative Instruments 2008 Nos—

218—Criminal Code Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 4) [F2008L03611]*.

219—Criminal Code Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 5) [F2008L03612]*.

220—Criminal Code Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 6) [F2008L03610]*.

Currency Act—Currency (Perth Mint) Determination 2008 (No. 2) [F2008L04178]*.

Customs Act—Tariff Concession Orders—

0804838 [F2008L03844]*.

0808969 [F2008L03816]*.

0808970 [F2008L03817]*.

0808973 [F2008L03815]*.

0808975 [F2008L03814]*.

0809062 [F2008L03813]*.

0809063 [F2008L03812]*.

0809064 [F2008L03845]*.

0809390 [F2008L03828]*.

0809735 [F2008L03836]*.

0809736 [F2008L03833]*.

0810189 [F2008L03835]*.

0810193 [F2008L03831]*.

0810247 [F2008L03827]*.

0810322 [F2008L03830]*.

0810687 [F2008L03805]*.

0810893 [F2008L03821]*.

0810894 [F2008L03829]*.

0811334 [F2008L03804]*.

0811402 [F2008L03803]*.

0811403 [F2008L03841]*.

0811404 [F2008L03840]*.

0811421 [F2008L03839]*.

0811566 [F2008L03802]*.

0811643 [F2008L03838]*.

0811644 [F2008L03837]*.

0811695 [F2008L03801]*.

0811915 [F2008L03818]*.

0811916 [F2008L03819]*.

0811920 [F2008L03843]*.

0812031 [F2008L03842]*.

0812065 [F2008L03810]*.

0812103 [F2008L03825]*.

0812248 [F2008L03823]*.

0812324 [F2008L03811]*.

0812380 [F2008L03822]*.

0812464 [F2008L03826]*.

0812468 [F2008L03820]*.

0812758 [F2008L03807]*.

0812996 [F2008L03808]*.

0813301 [F2008L03806]*.

0814287 [F2008L03979]*.

0814408 [F2008L03996]*.

0814472 [F2008L03982]*.

0814474 [F2008L03995]*.

0814476 [F2008L04006]*.

0814551 [F2008L04005]*.

0814987 [F2008L03992]*.

0815095 [F2008L03993]*.

0815096 [F2008L03999]*.

0815148 [F2008L03991]*.

0815149 [F2008L03990]*.

0815150 [F2008L03989]*.

0815153 [F2008L03988]*.

0815259 [F2008L03985]*.

0815260 [F2008L04004]*.

0815349 [F2008L04002]*.

0815874 [F2008L04001]*.

0816126 [F2008L04149]*.

0816490 [F2008L03994]*.

0816570 [F2008L04003]*.

0816956 [F2008L03998]*.

0816957 [F2008L03997]*.

0817471 [F2008L04148]*.

0818818 [F2008L04151]*.

0818889 [F2008L04154]*.

0819443 [F2008L04155]*.

0819444 [F2008L04157]*.

0819450 [F2008L04159]*.

0822939 [F2008L04000]*.

Defence Act—Determinations under section 58B—Defence Determinations—

2008/51—Post indexes - amendment.

2008/52—Removals and housing on deployment - amendment.

2008/53—Deployment allowance - amendment.

2008/54—Air Force - Air Traffic Control retention bonus scheme.

2008/55—Short-term duty travel costs - amendment.

2008/56—Special benefit payment for management-initiated early retirement.

2008/57—Appointment residences and short-term travel - amendment.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—

Amendments of lists of exempt native specimens—

EPBC303DC/SFS/2008/27 [F2008L04059]*.

EPBC303DC/SFS/2008/28 [F2008L04176]*.

EPBC303DC/SFS/2008/29 [F2008L04166]*.

EPBC303DC/SFS/2008/30 [F2008L04167]*.

Instrument revoking and adopting Recovery Plans [F2008L04007]*.

Export Control Act—Export Control (Orders) Regulations—Export Control (Meat and Meat Products) Amendment Orders 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03834]*.

Federal Magistrates Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 215—Federal Magistrates Court Amendment Rules 2008 (No. 2) [F2008L04169]*.

Financial Management and Accountability Act—

Directions on investment in residential mortgage-backed securities 2008—

(No. 1).

(No. 2).

Financial Management and Accountability Determinations—

2008/24—Indigenous Communities Strategic Investment Program Special Account Establishment 2008 [F2008L04285]*.

2008/66—Section 32 (Transfer of Functions from Environment to MDBA) [F2008L04279]*.

2008/67—Section 32 (Transfer of Functions from Environment to OPH) [F2008L04278]*.

Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act—Financial Sector (Collection of Data) (Reporting Standard) Determinations Nos—

60 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 110.0 (2008) Minimum Capital Requirement [F2008L03911]*.

61 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 120.0 (2008) Determination of Capital Base [F2008L03912]*.

62 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 130.0 (2008) Off-Balance Sheet Business - Credit Substitutes Provided and Risk Charge [F2008L03913]*.

63 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 130.1 (2008) Off Balance Sheet Business - Liquidity Support Facilities Obtained [F2008L03914]*.

64 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 130.2 (2008) Off Balance Sheet Business - Charges Granted and Risk Charge [F2008L03916]*.

65 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 130.3 (2008) Off Balance Sheet Business - Credit Support Received [F2008L03920]*.

66 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 140.0 (2008) Investments - Direct Interest Rate Holdings and Risk Charge [F2008L03924]*.

67 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 140.1 (2008) Investments - Direct Equity Holdings and Risk Charge [F2008L03927]*.

68 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 140.2 (2008) Investments - Direct Property Holdings and Risk Charge [F2008L03929]*.

69 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 140.3 (2008) Investments - Loans and Advances and Risk Charge [F2008L03933]*.

70 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 140.4 (2008) Investments - Indirectly Held by Insurer and Risk Charge [F2008L03935]*.

71 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 150.0 (2008) Asset Exposure Concentrations and Risk Charge [F2008L03937]*.

72 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 160.0 (2008) Derivative Activity and Risk Charge [F2008L03939]*.

73 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 170.0 (2008) Concentration Risk Charge [F2008L03942]*.

74 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 170.1 (2008) Maximum Event Retention and Risk Charge for Lenders Mortgage Insurers [F2008L03943]*.

75 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 210.0 (2008) Outstanding Claims Provision - Insurance Risk Charge [F2008L03944]*.

76 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 210.1 (2008) Premium Liabilities - Insurance Risk Charge [F2008L03945]*.

77 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 300.0 (2008) Statement of Financial Position [F2008L03946]*.

78 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 301.0 (2008) Reinsurance Assets and Risk Charge [F2008L03947]*.

79 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 310.0 (2008) Statement of Financial Performance [F2008L03948]*.

80 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 310.1 (2008) Premium Revenue and Reinsurance Expense [F2008L03949]*.

81 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 310.2 (2008) Claims Expense and Reinsurance Recoveries [F2008L03951]*.

82 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 310.3 (2008) Investment and Operating Income and Expense [F2008L03954]*.

83 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 320.0 (2008) Reconciliation of Annual Disclosure [F2008L03956]*.

84 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 400.0 (2008) Statement of Risk by Country [F2008L03959]*.

85 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 410.0 (2008) Movement in Outstanding Claims Provision [F2008L03961]*.

86 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 420.0 (2008) Premium Revenue by State and Territory of Australia [F2008L03975]*.

87 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 430.0 (2008) Claims Expense by State and Territory of Australia [F2008L03980]*.

88 of 2008—Reporting Standard GRS 440.0 (2008) Claims Development Tables [F2008L03984]*.

Fisheries Management Act—Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery Management Plan 1995—2008-09 SBT Australian National Catch Allocation Determination [F2008L04281]*.

Forestry Marketing and Research and Development Services Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 207—Forestry Marketing and Research and Development Services Regulations 2008 [F2008L03701]*.

Health Insurance Act—

Health Insurance (Allied Health Services) Determination 2008 [F2008L04254]*.

Health Insurance (Bone Densitometry) Determination 2008 [F2008L04161]*.

Health Insurance (Follow up service — Indigenous persons) Determination 2008 [F2008L04256]*.

Health Insurance (FTB(A) Family) Amendment Determination 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03906]*.

Health Insurance (Radiation Oncology) Determination 2008 (No. 2) [F2008L04284]*.

Select Legislative Instrument 2008 Nos—

209—Health Insurance Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 2) [F2008L03448]*.

210—Health Insurance (Diagnostic Imaging Services Table) Regulations 2008 [F2008L03342]*.

211—Health Insurance (General Medical Services Table) Regulations 2008 [F2008L03446]*.

212—Health Insurance (Pathology Services Table) Regulations 2008 [F2008L03443]*.

Higher Education Support Act—Commonwealth Grant Scheme Guidelines No. 1 - Amendment No. 4 [F2008L04267]*.

Judiciary Act—Legal Services Amendment Directions 2008 (No. 3) [F2008L04253]*.

Liquid Fuel Emergency Act—

Liquid Fuel Emergency (Activities - Essential Users) Determination 2008 [F2008L03797]*.

Liquid Fuel Emergency Guidelines 2008 [F2008L03749]*.

Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act—Notice about how incident reports are to be made (No. 3) (Amendment No. 1 of 2008) [F2008L04122]*.

Migration Act—Migration Regulations—Instruments IMMI—

08/074—Professional Year Programs [F2008L03767]*.

08/083—Classes of persons and addresses [F2008L03770]*.

08/084—English language tests and level of English ability for general skilled Migration [F2008L03768]*.

08/090—Definition of “Superyacht” [F2008L03773]*.

08/091—Addresses for Superyacht Crew Visa Applications [F2008L03908]*.

08/092—Classes of persons [F2008L03775]*.

08/100—eVisitor - eligible passports [F2008L03771]*.

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act—

Instrument No. M23 of 2008—Determination of rate per kilometre [F2008L03795]*.

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Non-warlike Service) Determination 2008/1 [F2008L04180]*.

National Health Act—Instruments Nos PB—

97 of 2008—Amendment declaration and determination - drugs and medicinal preparations [F2008L03754]*.

98 of 2008—Amendment determination - pharmaceutical benefits [F2008L03756]*.

99 of 2008—Amendment determination - responsible persons [F2008L03758]*.

100 of 2008—Amendment determination - prescription of pharmaceutical benefits by authorised optometrists [F2008L03759]*.

101 of 2008—Amendment - price determinations and special patient contributions [F2008L03760]*.

102 of 2008—Amendment Special Arrangements - Chemotherapy Pharmaceuticals Access Program [F2008L03761]*.

106 of 2008—Amendment Special Arrangements - IVF/GIFT Program [F2008L04288]*.

Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act—Northern Territory National Emergency Response (Community Stores) Instrument 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L04064]*.

Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 216—Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 3) [F2008L04271]*.

Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 217—Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 3) [F2008L04275]*.

Privacy Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 213—Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 2) [F2008L03791]*.

Private Health Insurance Act—Private Health Insurance (Benefit Requirements) Amendment Rules 2008 (No. 4) [F2008L04261]*.

Quarantine Act—Quarantine Amendment Proclamation 2008 (No. 3) [F2008L03910]*.

Remuneration Tribunal Act—

Remuneration Tribunal Determinations—

2008/19: Parliamentary Office Holders - Additional Salary [F2008L03890]*.

2008/20: Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Public Office [F2008L04268]*.

Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 221—Remuneration Tribunal (Members’ Fees and Allowances) Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L04170]*.

Social Security (Administration) Act—

Social Security (Administration) (Declared relevant Northern Territory area — Laramba) Determination 2008 [F2008L04125]*.

Social Security (Administration) (Declared relevant Northern Territory area — Ukaka) Determination 2008 [F2008L04124]*.

Social Security (Administration) (Declared relevant Northern Territory areas — Various (No. 33)) Determination 2008 [F2008L04123]*.

Sydney Airport Curfew Act—Dispensation Report 11/08.

Telecommunications Act—Telecommunications Technical Standard (Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements — AS/NZS 60950.1:2003 (Incorporating Amendment Nos 1, 2 and 3)) 2008 [F2008L04289]*.

Therapeutic Goods Act—

Therapeutic Goods (Emergency) Exemption 2008 (No. 3) [F2008L03790]*.

Therapeutic Goods Order No. 78—Standard for tablets and capsules [F2008L04287]*.

Veterans’ Entitlements Act—

Amendments of Statements of Principles concerning—

Cervical Spondylosis No. 76 of 2008 [F2008L04153]*.

Cervical Spondylosis No. 77 of 2008 [F2008L04156]*.

Intervertebral Disc Prolapse No. 80 of 2008 [F2008L04162]*.

Intervertebral Disc Prolapse No. 81 of 2008 [F2008L04163]*.

Lumbar Spondylosis No. 78 of 2008 [F2008L04158]*.

Lumbar Spondylosis No. 79 of 2008 [F2008L04160]*.

Determination of Non-warlike Service—Operation HEDGEROW, dated 13 October 2008 [F2008L04179]*.

Statement of Principles concerning—

Deep Vein Thrombosis No. 74 of 2008 [F2008L04150]*.

Deep Vein Thrombosis No. 75 of 2008 [F2008L04152]*.

Immune Thrombocytopaenic Purpura No. 72 of 2008 [F2008L04143]*.

Immune Thrombocytopaenic Purpura No. 73 of 2008 [F2008L04145]*.

Personality Disorder No. 70 of 2008 [F2008L04137]*.

Personality Disorder No. 71 of 2008 [F2008L04140]*.

Rheumatoid Arthritis No. 68 of 2008 [F2008L04133]*.

Rheumatoid Arthritis No. 69 of 2008 [F2008L04134]*.

Governor-General’s Proclamation—Commencement of provisions of an Act

Health Insurance Amendment (90 Day Pay Doctor Cheque Scheme) Act 2008—Schedule 1—1 November 2008 [F2008L03447]*.

*    Explanatory statement tabled with legislative instrument.