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Tuesday, 14 October 2008
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Senator ABETZ (12:50 PM) —I will comment very briefly, just so the listening audience is not too spooked by the cooperation between Senator Siewert and me. Of course, this does indicate to Liberal supporters that the Greens are not bad 100 per cent of the time and to Greens supporters that the Liberals are not bad 100 per cent of the time. One thing I can assure listeners of is that in relation to this the Greens and the coalition are not engaging in the sort of nonsensical group hug that we witnessed in relation to the luxury car tax, where the Greens and Family First voted for each other’s amendments in circumstances where, I honestly believe, they were contradictory—but that is for another time. We are not engaging in the sort of group hug scenario that this Senate was submitted to in the last sitting period.

In relation to clause 46—just to clarify this in my own mind—I referred to where it set out the minister’s powers in directing the CEO. I understand from the legislation that that would have to be by legislative instrument. Would that legislative instrument be a disallowable instrument?