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Monday, 19 March 2018
Page: 1486

Second Reading

Consideration resumed of the motion:

That these bills be now read a second time.

to which the following amendment was moved:

all words after "That", substitute:

(a) the Senate notes that, contrary to section 54 of the Constitution, the bill includes funds which are not 'ordinary annual services' as they relate to new policies not previously authorised by legislation, including $7 million for the Menzies Institute and Library;

(b) the Senate reaffirms its constitutional right to amend proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys for expenditure on all matters not involving the ordinary annual services of the government; and

(c) the bill be withdrawn and redrafted to comply with the constitutional requirement that proposed laws which appropriate revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government shall deal only with such appropriations.