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Tuesday, 5 November 1996
Page: 5128

Senator HARRADINE(7.49 p.m.) —I was not going to speak and rarely do on the adjournment, but I will only keep people a very short time. I am inspired to do so by the comments of Senator McGauran.

No, Senator McGauran, I will neither be spending my winters flying overseas—I cannot afford to, I am a punter—nor in the stables. Although the stables of Bart Cummings would be something to stay in, I am sure, with the mirrors and so on. I join with Senator McGauran in congratulating Bart Cummings. It really is extraordinary to win 10 Melbourne Cups. I also congratulate the jockey. Is it not refreshing to hear a jockey thanking everyone from the Lord to the strapper, his wife, his kids and everybody concerned. It was marvellous and most refreshing to hear him do that.

I have to say that I was on Saintly, not only in the Melbourne Cup but in the Cox Plate. If you think about it, that is something—the Cox Plate was 2,000 metres and the Melbourne Cup was another 1,200 metres. Extraordinary! We obviously have a champion in Saintly. I hope that Saintly does well in the Japan Cup. Quite frankly, it is very important for Australia. Somebody suggested that one should have a bit each way on Senator but, being an Independent, I did not have any whip, and you needed a bit of whip to get across the line.

I wish, however, to raise a question with you, Mr Deputy President. Why is it that the House of Representatives can adjourn for half an hour for the Melbourne Cup and the Senate cannot? That is important for us to take on board in future. I was up in my room—

Senator Calvert —We were all down here.

Senator HARRADINE —You were all down here, were you? I am sorry but you had a whip. You are the deputy whip, of course, Senator Calvert. But, quite seriously, it is a bit awkward to flick the television from the greatest—it is not the best race in Australia, of course, for the test of horses—race in Australia to seeing what is going on in the Senate. So might I recommend that in future, if we are going to sit on cup day, we at least adjourn for about half an hour.