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Tuesday, 5 November 1996
Page: 5085

Senator SHERRY (Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate)(4.22 p.m.) —On behalf of the Labor opposition, I indicate that we will support the motion of the government in respect of the sale of CFM for the reasons that have been outlined by Senator Campbell. Senator Margetts has raised a range of concerns. We have had meetings with a range of people concerning this legislation over the last four or five weeks. I have been involved in those discussions. We are certainly convinced of the need for urgency.

I understand the difficulty that Senator Margetts has in respect of staffing resources. We face similar pressures. I understand the difficulty in getting across what are at times quite complex issues. The only other point I would have to make is that, personally, I am the last person who wants to see this dealt with on Thursday. I will have to deal with the industrial relations bill and I would like a break from it on Thursday at some stage. Putting that aside, we recognise that the government has a program that requires processing. We will disagree from time to time on some of the issues in that program. We only have a few more sitting weeks. We have to give due recognition to the need to address that program.