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Tuesday, 5 November 1996
Page: 5069

Senator BOLKUS(3.06 p.m.) —by leave—Can I take this opportunity of reminding Senator Kemp that the resolution passed by the Senate does not just cover one department. It does cover three and we do anticipate that the documentation will be available in respect of three. Whatever is available by 5 p.m. we would obviously like to be tabled by that time. If there is any more, give us an indication of that. We would see any extension past 9 a.m. tomorrow as unacceptable, given the fact that this issue has been around for some time.

I also say that, in terms of the exemptions, we will look at them closely. In the past there have been precedents for tabling of documents that may have been commercial—with the relevant parts deleted, or the documents having been shown in private to the opposition of the time. We would be looking at those sorts of mechanisms. I must say to you, Senator, this issue has been around for some time and I think the opening of business tomorrow should be the latest that we should be asked to accept this. I also say there should be some documents available for tabling by 5 p.m. today and we want to see those as well.