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Monday, 4 November 1996
Page: 5000

Senator WOODLEY(3.54 p.m.) —by leave—The Democrats would not object to formality for this motion because I would endorse what has already been said about the Catholic education system and the part that Christian Brothers have played in that. Indeed, at times I have taught in Catholic schools and I have grandchildren who have attended them. The benefit they have received is undoubted.

However, there are people who feel that, because of the current controversy surrounding some members of the Christian Brothers, they have some problems with this.  I simply put that on the record, indicate that the Democrats will certainly support formality for this motion and commend Senator Cooney for bringing it here, but particularly for the way in which he brought it. I indicate that we trust that given the good will that is certainly amongst all the churches surrounding the issues which are of controversy at the moment, we may be able to sort out in the future some of the damage which has been done, as well as the good work.