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Monday, 4 November 1996
Page: 4992

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in the Parliament Assembled:

The petition of the undersigned strongly oppose any uranium mining for the following reasons:

(1) There is no safe way to dispose of radioactive waste

(2) Uranium mining involves a disproportionate consumption of raw materials and production of waste products for the amount of oxide produced

(3) Uranium mining poses a health hazard to workers and communities living in the region

(4) Any mining in the World Heritage Kakadu region will have a detrimental impact on this fragile area

(5) Control of nuclear proliferation can only be achieved by halting supply

(6) Any nuclear power station, uranium mine or disposal site has the potential for unforeseen disasters.

The petitioners ask that the Senate block the passing of legislation which approves any mining of uranium in Australia.