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Thursday, 31 October 1996
Page: 4937

Senator MARGETTS(5.44 p.m.) —As a point of clarification, the part of the industrial relations portfolio budget statements that I was referring to was on page 62, subprogram 1.6. That does separate out salaries and others, which was different from the statement that Senator Campbell made earlier. He did make some clarification but, in fact, that is what the statement said on page 62. It does separate out salary from other costs. The columns are headed `Salaries', `Running costs' and `Other'.

So I am assuming the `Other' relates to the setting up of offices and so on. We do not know from this statement what the subsequent year's allocation might be or whether it is going to be $12 million a year or whether there will be differential running costs for subsequent years. Perhaps you will be able to enlighten us, but it does say, `1996-97'. Obviously, there will be different salary outcomes based on when this starts in the 1996-97 year, and, obviously, `Running costs' and `Other' does not relate to salaries. There have been establishment costs; I am assuming the other running costs would not necessarily be the same in subsequent years. We have no idea from this statement what the subsequent allocations will be.