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Thursday, 31 October 1996
Page: 4927

Senator HOGG(4.56 p.m.) —In response to something Senator Campbell said a few moments ago, I prefaced my remarks very early on in this debate by saying that I thought it very important to get the meaning behind the intention of these objects. As I said very early in the piece, the intention behind these objects will be the subject of debate in the Industrial Commission, out there between employer and employee or within the IR system generally between unions of employers and unions of employees. All my questions have been directed at eliciting the thrust behind these objects so that when they come into force we will understand what they truly mean.

Having said that, I draw attention to (d) in the objects, where it says `upon a foundation of minimum standards'. I understand that there are minimum standards in broad terms prescribed in the act. Who will determine what are the actual minimum standards upon which the foundation is to be made and how will that be done?

Senator Campbell —The Industrial Commission.