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Tuesday, 29 October 1996
Page: 4683

Senator FAULKNER (Leader of the Opposition in the Senate)(6.17 p.m.) —The opposition supports the motion arising from the message from the House of Representatives. We are happy to indicate that we believe the suggestion that the joint sitting take place in the House of Representatives is appropriate.

I would invite those who have an interest in matters historical to examine Senator Hill's contributions in Hansard at the time President Bush came to Australia and addressed a joint sitting of the Commonwealth parliament. I am interested to see that Senator Hill has had yet another conversion in the corridor to the executive wing. He waxed lyrical at that time about the evils of such a joint sitting being held in the House of Representatives. I do not want to be churlish at this time. I suggest to anyone who does have an interest in these matters to examine the Hansard.

Senator Campbell —Its a big document that Hansard .

Senator FAULKNER —Yes, but I am sure if you put `President of the United States' and `Senator Hill' in the computer as a query you will find it eventually.

Senator Hill —Some amusing reading.

Senator FAULKNER —`Some amusing reading,' says Senator Hill. For the opposition's part, we do believe that it is appropriate that the joint sitting be held in the people's House.