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Tuesday, 17 September 1996
Page: 3540

A humble petition to Her Majesty, the Queen of Australia, His Excellency the Governor-General, Parliamentarians and Senators assembled in Parliament of Australia ACT Canberra.

This Petition by small business, farmers, workers, social workers and pensioners.

To the honourable, the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives and Senate of Australia, that we, who have signed this petition humbly pray that the new industrial relations acts of 1996 are `not' past in the term of by both houses of parliament—also no more selling of utilities ie Telstra, power stations, hospitals, schools and government departments, such as CES offices. As we, who have signed this petition have had enough of these cut backs over the past six years especially as this has proven to be `not to the best interests of all Australians'.

Workers, small companies and pensioners all want work and jobs—not 8 per cent plus unemployment and the poverty that goes with it. Because of the stresses associated with unemployment this leads to articles appearing in the papers on gambling, robbery and bashing of residents in Australia.

If our wishes and prayers are not carried out then a referendum on all industrial relation changes federally and privatisation laws/acts/sales past by all state parliaments of Australia over the past six years.

Be `for or against'.

We ask for Her Majesty to help us under her powers and sections 59, 60 of the Constitution of Australia—we therefore pray—