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Wednesday, 11 September 1996
Page: 3237

Senator MARGETTS(11.29 a.m.) —There certainly may be problems with these amendments from the Greens' point of view. Amendments 2 and 3 are the ministerial appointments of councillors to stop some regions missing out if numbers are reduced. There is nothing in the bill which actually indicates what the process will be. The minister may make some statements, I guess, about how this process would take place.

The Greens (WA) certainly have a severe problem with amendments 2 and 3, which allow the minister to appoint councillors. If there is nothing in the bill which sets out the basis of this appointment then, theoretically, the minister can decide how that will happen. Whether or not he chooses to do it by the next on the list or any other means certainly leaves a rather odd situation in terms of self-determination, if that is in indeed what ATSIC is meant to be about. So we would strongly oppose that.

Amendment 1 and schedule 3 bring in elections for the chair after 1999. If the status quo remains without any amendments, these current elections will have an elected chair. People will note that my amendment No. 7 would bring elections up in 1996. By putting all these amendments together, it would make it a little difficult, I think. I could still put my amendment later, but it would make it difficult for me to run my amendment No. 7.