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Wednesday, 11 September 1996
Page: 3227

Senator MARGETTS(11.04 a.m.) —To assist the minister, I have a little more information about the documents that would be of assistance to the Senate. The first document concerns questions and answers in relation to the 1990 regional council election. Page 27 gives regional councillors per ward. I believe that ATSIC has distributed these in their thousands. Could that be confirmed?

Senator Herron —Could you elucidate which election that was, Senator Margetts?

Senator MARGETTS —Sorry, it is called `Questions and answers on the 1996 regional country election'. Page 27 gives the number of regional councillors per ward. I believe that thousands of copies of this document have been distributed.

Senator Herron —I am advised that that may have gone out in an ATSIC document; but it is not available here, nor are we aware of it.