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Monday, 9 September 1996
Page: 3084

Senator HARRADINE —by leave—What Senator Carr has said adds confusion: he is really asking us to judge the veracity of what has been stated by Senator O'Chee. Once we go down that path, we get into problems when it comes to a personal issue like this. I thought the way Senator Collins was handling it was the right way. He was quite justifiably entitled to an explanation, as we all are. Senator O'Chee has given that explanation. For my part, I am happy to accept the word of any honourable senator in respect of those particular matters. If we do not, we are in considerable trouble indeed. If any of us feel doubtful about giving leave for the matter to be recommitted, we might be regretful on a future occasion when we might find ourselves in a similar position.

The CHAIRMAN —Before I call Senator Ray, I indicate that we should bring this matter to a conclusion fairly rapidly.