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Friday, 28 June 1996
Page: 2541

Senator MARGETTS(10.43 a.m.) —There are problems that the Greens still see with the Customs Tariff Amendment (No. 1) Bill. I do not think the use of tariffs in the way they are presented in this bill is a good idea. As senators know, the Greens have not been anti-tariffs. We believe that support for industry should have a rational base. If we are going to support industry, we should work out how we do it, what is the best method to do it. We are not anti-tariff. We believe we should know what we want to do with tariffs so we have a clear understanding. We certainly cannot get a clear understanding from this bill.

When speaking to the opposition amendments Senator Cook mentioned section 60. We have looked at section 60 which, from the headings, includes 72, 73, 74 and 78—metal materials and goods as prescribed by by-law classified within chapters 72 and 78 of schedule 3 which are ineligible for a tariff concession order and, in the opinion of the minister, have a substantial and demonstrable performance advantage in the packaging of food over materials and goods currently available in Australia. We are talking iron and steel, copper, nickel, aluminium, lead and zinc. What sort of advanced food packaging did you have in mind here?