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Friday, 28 June 1996
Page: 2539

Senator SHORT (Assistant Treasurer)(10.25 a.m.) —I have nothing further to add. Of course I am not going to withdraw anything that one of my colleagues has stated, and I am sure that Senator Cook does not expect me to do that.

Senator Cook —I do.

Senator SHORT —He says, `I do.' I acknowledge the statement of 15 December, as I always have, of the then Treasurer. I make the point, as I have on numerous occasions, that that is irrelevant to the issue of this bill. These are quite separate issues. Because they are quite separate issues, Senator Kernot may wish to give consideration to having a bill of her own, a separate bill, in relation to roads. That is something we could look at.

My last point is in response to something Senator Kernot mentioned about a coal-fired power station. I think there is one there—the Collinsville power station. People would have different views on that. You are asserting that a coal-fired power station is somehow or other bad. We would obviously have a difference of view on that. The point I make to you is that, amongst the projects I can see at a quick glance of a one-page list of power stations, there are three gas-fired stations and one hydro station.

Question put:

That the committee agree to the amendments made by the House of Representatives to the bill.