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Thursday, 27 June 1996
Page: 2350

Senator COOK —by leave—I too have this morning received the phone call in which I was advised that discussions between the parties have occurred off stage and that substantial agreement has been reached about amendments that could be made in the committee stage. My instructions confirmed a second ago are that we would understandably wish to persist with our second reading amendment. In that way the complications associated with the agreement being translated into amendments and then incorporated into the bill can be ironed out.

My understanding is that there are still some wording difficulties. There are no difficulties in principle or intent, but only in the translation of the principles of the agreement into the amendments. If my understanding is correct, it appears to me that the course to follow would be for the amendment that I have moved to the second reading to be carried and then for the government to bring back the bill as soon as it is able to clear up the differences in understanding about the amendments. The bill could then proceed with our support.