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Wednesday, 26 June 1996
Page: 2276

Senator HERRON (Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs)(4.47 p.m.) —Senator Cooney, I reiterate that the words in proposed new section 78B(1) say, as you quite correctly pointed out:

. . . the administration by the Commission of the Commission's money . . .

It is understood that the commission is the board, as I said. But it is also true to say that, apparently, through the act there is some ambiguity in the sense that the words are interchanged in the act itself.

Senator Bob Collins —But is there any ambiguity?

Senator HERRON —They are used, apparently, as I am advised, interchangeably. In reply to the other question which you asked previously, the answer is no. There is an 18-month time limit, even if there is a second or even a third administrator appointed, and that is referred to under 78B(3).