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Tuesday, 25 June 1996
Page: 2145

Senator BOB COLLINS(5.59 p.m.) —I will be brief. I appears that Senator Cooney has started something of a revolt. I simply want to reassure Senator Colston, as I must as I am asking him to support this provision—which he has indicated, of course, that he will. I want to get to the one central point which Senator Colston made and which is very valid. He raised as his principle concern the fact that with three days there may well be people who are not aware that the regulation has been made. That is why there are usually 15 sitting days.

I would absolutely agree with him that in the normal course of events that could well be a problem. But I have been assured by the government that this exercise will be a one-off. In other words, there will be a set of regulations made on one occasion. I can assure Senator Colston, from personal knowledge, that these regulations will be scrutinised intensely by the wool industry. This has been put up in lights. Senator Colston's concern is a very proper one. I assure him that, when these regulations are made, the people engaged in the wool-growing industry will be very aware of them, as there is intense interest in rural Australia in this issue.