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Tuesday, 25 June 1996
Page: 2121

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate—

(a)   notes that:

   (i)   former Prime Minister, Mr Keating, subjected Senator Baume to consistent personal abuse, including by using such words as `parliamentary filth' and `unsubstantiated muck-raker'—

Senator Conroy —Hear, hear!

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I acknowledge that interjection. I trust, Senator, that you identify yourself with that language. My notice of motion continues:

when Senator Baume revealed the repeated improper and illegal actions of Mr Keating's half-owned piggery group of companies, particularly their breaches of the corporations laws, and also of environmental laws, industrial relations laws and worker's compensation insurance laws,

   (ii)   two representatives of the former Prime Minister on his half-owned piggery group of companies have now been found guilty of multiple offences under the corporations law, as well as having been subject to frequent administrative penalties for failing to meet Australian Security Commission requirements in relation to Mr Keating's piggery group companies,

   (iii)   Mr Christopher Coudounaris, the secretary of Mr Keating's family company and his representative on several piggery company boards of directors pleaded guilty to three such charges while Mr Achilles Constantinidis, Mr Keating's former 50 per cent piggery partner and the holder of Mr Keating's power of attorney since 1989, was found guilty on four charges,

   (iv)   at no stage has Mr Keating ever repudiated the improper, and now demonstrated to be illegal, actions of these two close friends who were dealing on his behalf in their administration of companies associated with Mr Keating and that, on the contrary, Mr Keating persistently subjected Senator Baume to personal abuse for daring to reveal the truth about the illegal actions of the former Prime Minister's representatives, and

   (v)   Mr Keating has never provided any documentary evidence of any kind to substantiate his denials of the accuracy of Senator Baume's factual and documented revelations of the improper actions of the Keating piggery companies; and

(b)   calls on Mr Keating to apologise to Senator Baume for both the falsity and offensiveness of Mr Keating's personal attacks on Senator Baume.