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Tuesday, 25 June 1996
Page: 2121

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate—

(a)   notes:

   (i)   repeated false claims by the Shadow Treasurer (Mr Evans), when he was Leader of the Government in the Senate, that Senator Baume was `never able to establish anything in the nature of improper behaviour on the part of the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) or anyone else associated with Mr Keating's half-owned piggery group of companies' and that Senator Baume had been consistently wrong in all the matters he raised,

   (ii)   on the contrary, Senator Baume revealed to the Senate repeated instances of Australian Security Commission documents revealing not only the filing of false and inaccurate annual returns by these companies but also failure to file proper accounts, involving widespread breaches of the Corporation Law over the 3 years Mr Keating was a 50 per cent owner, along with breaches of environmental, industrial relations and workers' compensation insurance laws,

   (iii)   Senator Baume's factual revelations have now been followed by successful prosecutions both of Mr Keating's former 50 per cent partner and long-time holder of his power of attorney, Mr Achilles Constantinidis, and of his solicitor and secretary of the Keating family company, Mr Christopher Coudounaris, for breaches of the Corporations Law in matters relating to the Keating piggery,

   (iv)   Mr Evans has never provided any documentary evidence of any kind to substantiate his denials of the accuracy of Sena tor Baume's factual and documented revelations of the improper actions of the Keating piggery companies; and

(b)   calls on Mr Evans to apologise to Senator Baume for both the falsity and offensiveness of Mr Evans' personal attacks on Senator Baume.