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Tuesday, 18 June 1996
Page: 1725

Senator STOTT DESPOJA(5.51 p.m.) —Mr Temporary Chairman, I have to seek your guidance on this because the Democrats will be supporting amendment Nos 7, 9 and 11 but not amendment No. 8. I suspect that I should have requested that the amendments be split. Is that the case?

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Watson) —The chair will be putting the question in relation to those three amendments, and the final amendment will be dealt with separately.

Senator STOTT DESPOJA —Thank you for that advice. This is my first committee stage, so I am still working through it. As I indicated, the Australian Democrats will support amendment Nos 7 and 9 for reasons outlined earlier. My concern with amendment No. 8 is that it is somewhat prescriptive and perhaps ventures into overkill. I apologise to Senator Margetts, but the Democrats will not be supporting amendment No. 8.

In regard to amendment No. 11, the contribution of housing—particularly heating costs—to the greenhouse gas problem is significant. Energy efficiency should be considered an essential part of housing policy. For that reason, the Australian Democrats will be supporting this amendment.