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Tuesday, 18 June 1996
Page: 1718

Senator MARGETTS(5.19 p.m.) —I want to put briefly on record that, at the time we adjourned last night, I was speaking to my amendment No. 3. I ran out of time in outlining the issues associated with the amendment. I want to make it clear that what I was presenting was not—I repeat not—a second reading speech. It was in fact an explanation of the issues behind the amendments which I was putting.

The trouble with those amendments and the trouble with the issues we are dealing with is that there are many people in the community who are having trouble finding the connections between things like public transport, energy and housing. We have had those same answers again and again from public servants and representatives of departments who are dealing with these issues, who have taken a long, long time to see those connections.

Transport is the major issue that we are talking about. Basically, if you assume that issues of transport, energy, the environment and housing are separate, then we will never get to a policy which deals with those issues. That is the reason for what I was doing, and that is what I will be continuing to do as I put my amendments on this very important bill.