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Monday, 17 June 1996
Page: 1588

Senator LUNDY —My question is addressed to the Assistant Treasurer, Senator Short. Given that sales tax will apply to privately plated vehicles controlled by the federal government, can the minister inform the Senate: how many such vehicles will be affected; what revenue will be raised; will departments be supplemented as they were for fringe benefits tax; and what will be the administrative cost of removing this exemption?

Senator SHORT —Senator Lundy, you have asked several questions. I am not aware of the actual number of vehicles, nor am I aware of the answers to some of the more detailed aspects of the question. So far as the revenue is concerned, my understanding is that the estimate of the revenue will be of the order of $80 million to $100 million. I will take the rest of the detailed components of the question on notice and come back to you.

Senator LUNDY —Further on the issue of the exemptions: Minister, can you guarantee that the exemptions administered by your department will continue to apply to TPI pensioners?

Senator SHORT —Again, subject to confirmation, my understanding is that the answer would be no. We are talking about vehicles that are owned by the Commonwealth and which are involved as part of a remuneration package and wholly or partly privately used. If they are not wholly or partly privately used and if they are not part of a remuneration package, the new provisions do not apply.