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Friday, 31 May 1996
Page: 1544

Senator HILL (Minister for the Environment)(12.43 p.m.) —I do not want to avoid the issue; I am just trying to clarify what it is. If you are saying that there are programs of the previous government that we are not continuing, then you want to know what the staff consequences of that are during this interim period between 30 June and the budget or when the appropriation bills go through parliament. We will do our best to provide the answer to that question. I did not actually know that there were any staff consequences. We will do our best. I am not sure whether it is a question—

Senator McKiernan —Kempy should resign.

Senator HILL —If Senator Kemp resigns, will that satisfy you? Can we then move on with the program? We will certainly answer the questions relating to which programs are not being continued. I think we can do that. If there are apparent staff consequences as a result of that, then I cannot see why we cannot provide that as well, but I do not think there are. We will do our best to provide that as well.