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Thursday, 30 May 1996
Page: 1436

Senator LUNDY —My question is to Senator Herron, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs. Is it true that at least one of your ministerial colleagues, during a recent trip to the Northern Territory, made statements about the territory government's desire to have the Commonwealth transfer management control of Kakadu National Park to the territory administration? Are you aware of these statements? Were you consulted by any of your colleagues about this issue? If not, have you been consulted since?

Senator HERRON —I am not aware of any statements made by ministerial colleagues in that regard. I think you would have to ask the responsible minister.

Senator LUNDY —I would like to know whether you could share with this chamber, Minister, whether or not you support or oppose this proposal?

Senator HERRON —Didn't the senator listen to my answer? I just said I was unaware of the statement made.

Senator Faulkner —Are you aware of anything?

Senator Bob Collins —It is to transfer the Aboriginal parks, including Uluru, to the Northern Territory government.

Senator HERRON —How can I support something that I am unaware of, Senator Collins? Come back at it. Of course I do. That goes without saying. Aboriginal ownership—that is obvious. I am telling you, how can I be aware of what statements have been made? Oh, start again!