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Wednesday, 29 May 1996
Page: 1367

(Question No. 10)

Senator Woodley asked the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, upon notice, on 28 March 1996:

(1) What level of Commonwealth funding has been provided to the network of Welfare Rights Centres each year for the past five years.

(2) If available, what amount has gone to each individual centre.

(3) If available, what amounts are projected to go to the network of Welfare Rights Centres in the future.

Senator Vanstone —The Attorney-General and Minister for Justice has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) Following the 1992-93 budget, new funding was provided to 14 Welfare Rights Centres. Services received funding from January 1993. Funds are administered as part of the Commonwealth Community Legal Centre program in the Attorney-General's Department. Total funding since January 1993 is as follows:

1992/93—$499,999 (half-year funding only); 1993/94—$1,030,997; 1994/95—$1,053,680; 1995/96—$1,069,482


Name of CentreFunding1992/93Funding1993/94Funding1994/95Funding1995/96
Welfare Rights Centre (NSW)68,18170,294143,682145,837
Illawarra Legal Centre (NSW)34,090140,58971,84072,918
Welfare Rights Unit (Vic)68,181140,589143,682145,837
Geelong Community Legal Service34,09070,29471,84072,918
Welfare Rights Centre (Qld)42,18186,97788,89190,224
Townsville Community Legal Service Inc26,00053,61254,79155,613
Welfare Rights Centre (SA)68,181140,589143,682145,837
Sussex Street Community Law Services (WA)22,72946,86747,89848,616
Community Legal and Advocacy Centre (WA)22,72946,86747,89848,616
Welfare Rights and Advocacy Service (WA)22,72946,86747,89848,616
Hobart Community Legal Service22,72746,86347,89448,612
Northern Community Legal Service (Tas)22,72746,86347,89448,612
Darwin Community Legal Centre Inc22,72746,86347,89448,612
Canberra Welfare Rights and Legal Centre22,72746,86347,89448,612

(3) Details of funding for the next financial year will be available in the budget context.