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Wednesday, 29 May 1996
Page: 1262

Senator CHAMARETTE(11.32 a.m.) —I indicate that we will not be supporting this cut-off motion—to Senator Kemp's surprise. I want to quickly comment on something Senator Bourne mentioned. It is not my understanding that the Indigenous Education (Supplementary Assistance) Amendment Bill is an old bill. It has a lot of new material in it. I understand that the old bill she might be confusing it with was passed in the Senate last November.

In that bill, $83 million is guaranteed for the calendar year 1996. It is true that of the new measures in this bill there is an increase in the money that would be available from 1 January 1996 to June 1997, an 18-month period. There is a small increase in percentage of the total amount. On the grounds that there are new measures in the bill and it is not putting anybody in financial difficulties not to exempt this from the cut-off, we do not feel that the urgency exists.

We do not support any of the bills that have been nominated in this motion to be sufficiently urgent or to be old bills and therefore eligible for exemption from the cut-off. Senator Margetts will speak to the two air ports bills but both of us are adamant that the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Newly Arrived Resident's Waiting Periods and Other Measures) Bill definitely should be adjourned to the next session on the principle that it is utterly new and the community has not been educated to what is being proposed. There will be need for great community consultation and the need to listen to the concerns expressed. So we do not support the motion—and I await clarification on the indigenous education bill.