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Wednesday, 29 May 1996
Page: 1262

Senator BOURNE(11.30 a.m.) —As far as the Indigenous Education (Supplementary Assistance) Amendment Bill goes, it is an old bill as far as I can see and it is one we have no problem supporting through the cut-off motion for debate in this session. The second two bills, the airport bills, have similar principles to the previous government's bills, but there are very significant changes particularly in regard to competition, as Senator Carr has just explained in more detail. We do think they are very significant and bear further looking at before we debate them in the chamber.

The legislation did become available only at the end of last week so we are still looking through it. We have about two sitting weeks of this session left. We do not think there is urgency for that one—particularly, as Senator Carr says, as the government has not decided on the site of Sydney's second airport.

The social security legislation is completely new. It does have very substantial changes to the waiting period for social security arrangements for newly arrived residents. It is something we want to have a much closer look at before we consider it. We will be supporting the first bill, the indigenous education one, through the cut-off motion to be debated this session, but not the other three.