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Monday, 7 February 1994
Page: 449

To the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

  This petition of the undersigned citizens of Australia opposes the reduction of octane quality of leaded petrol from January 1994, resulting from the Government's `Lead Roundtable' meeting. The petitioners note particularly that this reduction in petrol quality:

  (1) Jeopardises the use of vehicles made prior to 1986 for operation on high octane petrol and could lead to many of those vehicles suffering serious engine damage;

  (2) Will result in worse vehicle operation, higher emissions and greater fuel consumption for up to three million vehicles;

  (3) Will have negligible benefit to the community, through reduced lead emissions, because the oil industry proposes to leave lead levels in petrol unchanged in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, and because the use of leaded petrol already is rapidly decreasing;

  (4) Will disadvantage vehicle enthusiasts and low income members of the community.

And your petitioners therefore urge the Senate to take action to ensure the continued availability of high octane petrol for Australian motorists.