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Thursday, 3 February 1994
Page: 299

Senator CROWLEY (Minister for Family Services) (10.07 a.m.) —in reply—I note the points raised by Senator Hill and Senator Ian Macdonald. I was going to say that I would certainly make sure that the honourable senators' comments were passed through to all those who should be concerned by them. I do not think we were assisted by Senator Macdonald's last comments.

  Goodwill means just what it says. I take Senator Hill's point that, if we do intend to try to introduce different ways of dealing with this, then goodwill does mean that we take note of points honourable senators opposite have raised. However, I remind honourable senators opposite that we cannot anticipate all the different requirements and pressures on people in this place.

  It is not unreasonable for us to take heed of Senator Coulter's illness, just the same as we are having the accreditation debate today because we acknowledged Senator Newman's illness yesterday. It is important that we try to keep a balance on these matters. The concern Senator Macdonald raised about being ready to debate legislation and its not coming on is frustrating. Even more importantly, I take note of the point he raised about not being ready for legislation when it is called on. However, goodwill is a two-way street.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.