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Tuesday, 21 December 1993
Page: 5561

(Question No. 819)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 23 November 1993:

  (1) Did the Australian Electoral Commission spend $21 060 on pens and rulers from Jaymac Promotional Advertising, ACT.

  (2) What was the purpose of these pens and rulers.

  (3) Was this purchase part of a public relations/promotions campaign; if so, what was the purpose of this campaign; if not, why were the pens and rulers produced.

  (4) Where were these pens and rulers used.

  (5) How were they distributed.

  (6) How many of the pens and rulers are left in stock at the Australian Electoral Commission offices.

  (7) Are the pens and rulers Australian made; if not, why not.

Senator McMullan —I have been advised that the answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) Yes.

  (2) The pens and rulers were purchased for promotional purposes during public displays and electoral information and education activities.

  (3) Yes, the materials were produced as part of the AEC's on-going electoral information and education program, and are designed particularly to be used during school visits by Divisional Returning Officers (DROs) and at other displays targeting young people.

  (4) The materials were received by the AEC during the last week of November, but will be used as indicated above.

  (5) The materials are in the process of being distributed to the AEC's Head Offices and Divisional Offices for use by DROs in school visits.

  (6) As the materials were received only in the last week of November, all are still in stock at AEC offices.

  (7)  The rulers are Australian made, the pens are not. The supplier advises that to the best of their knowledge there is no Australian pen manufacturer, and certainly none that meets the design or colour requirements of this type of product. The supplier advises, that as a government contractor, they offer Australian made products in preference to imported goods wherever possible.