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Tuesday, 21 December 1993
Page: 5557

(Question No. 786)

Senator Bell asked the Minister for Transport and Communications, upon notice, on 18 November 1993:

  (1) In which countries are: (a) tour operators; (b) accommodation providers; (c) taxis; (d) car rental operators; and (e) bus services, levied a charge for meeting customers at airports.

  (2) What plans does the Federal Airports Corporation (FAC) have to charge taxi companies for conducting business at FAC controlled airports.

  (3) If there are no plans to levy taxis, why are car rental operators being pressured into signing contracts that impose charges for meeting pre-booked customers at airports.

Senator Collins —The answer to the honourable senator's question, based on information provided by the Federal Airports Corporation (FAC), is as follows:

  (1) (a)-(e) In most countries in the world, especially throughout Europe, Asia and North America, tour operators, accommodation providers, taxis, car rental operators, and bus services are levied a charge for meeting customers at airports.

  A detailed survey will be undertaken as part of a current ground transportation study to confirm the extent of this practice.

  (2) The FAC has commenced a Ground Transportation Study that will review the operation of all landside transportation. This includes the provision of infrastructure and the appropriateness of charging taxi companies for conducting business at its airports. As advised to the car rental industry in May 1993, it may be some time before the review is completed `given the enormity of the task'.

  (3) See (2) above.