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Tuesday, 21 December 1993
Page: 5448

Senator TAMBLING (5.31 p.m.) —The second part of my question related to the constitutionality of this issue. Senator Chamarette expresses a very naive belief in the faith of Aboriginal culture. While I am not in any way intending to put Aboriginal culture or tradition down, I would point out that many of the claimants for such purposes of native title today are not the Aborigines of 200 or 300 years ago with established custom and tradition. Many of them today need and require the protection of the various state controls and regulations, whether they be environmental or anything else. There are many Aborigines today who do not use the same systems, traditions and cultures that the Greens obviously very naively believe in.

  I direct the second part of my question on this clause to the minister. Is this amendment within the constitutional power of the Commonwealth?