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Monday, 20 December 1993
Page: 5323

Senator VANSTONE (9.30 p.m.) —The minister might suggest that. I have tried not to take long. I did not take long this morning in my contribution and I have not taken long in what I said earlier tonight. Mr Orr may think that is amusing, but that is perhaps a matter I will take up at another time. I certainly do not think this has taken as long as the second part of that clause took. I put a simple question to the minister about those groups. The minister said there was extensive notice here, there and everywhere. But is the minister's answer still the same—that a traditional nomadic family group that may not be super-sweet with ATSIC, or be remotely interested in it, and does not hear about this until after two months is just dead meat and locked out? The government has no provision to handle such a group. If ever the minister practised and did not get something in on time, there would have been a facility for him to get his out of time matter up. Why has he not provided such a facility for people who would be less likely to get the matter in on time than he would if he were a practising solicitor?