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Monday, 20 December 1993
Page: 5322

Senator VANSTONE (9.28 p.m.) —I was not suggesting that within any one group 20 or 30 people would want to claim individually. But feasibly six or seven people or possibly more who generally perceive themselves to have some native title interest—I am not talking about vexatious people—could want to lodge that and pursue it. It could get very ugly. I will leave that there because the minister can see the point that I want to make with respect to how the government designed this legislation and how workable it will be. Is there provision for a claimant who applies after the two months has expired to participate in the negotiation procedures?

Senator Gareth Evans —The answer is no.

Senator VANSTONE —What happens to a nomadic traditional family group that is wandering around and does not find out about the notice until the two months has expired? Are they excluded from participating in that procedure? The minister just told me that they are. One can easily foresee circumstances where there may be more traditional family nomadic groups than the minister or I might envisage immediately who may not find out about this notice until after the two months has expired. This government then says to them, `Bad luck, you're locked out. There is no provision for you.'. Is that correct?