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Monday, 20 December 1993
Page: 5306

Senator GARETH EVANS (Minister for Foreign Affairs) (8.01 p.m.) —Paragraph (e) is a reference to any other category of act; it is not a reference to any other specific action taken in relation to some particular site or something of that kind. I asked myself what on earth it was contemplated that (e) might involve. I got the answer that it was just a precautionary provision inserted to ensure that, if some new issue arose which seemed to raise the same sorts of questions of principle and so on as these other categories of things in (a) to (d), then that was a precautionary measure to ensure that one could extend the scope of clause 25 without needing to go back to the parliament. I am equally assured that nobody has any specific such class of acts in mind at the moment. The thought is that this process that is laid out here about right to negotiate should be applicable only to the mining situation and the compulsory acquisition for a third party situation.