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Thursday, 16 December 1993
Page: 4821

Senator COULTER (1.25 p.m.) —by leave—I move:

  Clause 2, line 7 (page 1) to line 15 (page 2), omit "Consultative" (wherever occurring), substitute "Advisory".

  Clause 7, page 3, proposed heading to Division 1, omit "Consultative" substitute "Advisory".

  Clause 8, line 18 (page 3) to line 1 (page 4), omit "Consultative" (wherever occurring), substitute "Advisory".

  Clause 9, page 4, lines 2 to 16, omit "Consultative" (wherever occurring), substitute "Advisory".

  Clause 9, page 4, after paragraph (b) the following paragraph:

  "(ba)by inserting after paragraph (1)(d) the following paragraph:

  `(da) one member appointed by an environmental organisation which has been nominated by the Minister; and';".

  Clause 10, page 4, lines 17 to 23, omit "Consultative" (wherever occurring), substitute "Advisory".

  Clause 11, line 24 (page 4) to line 35 (page 6), omit "Consultative" (wherever occurring), substitute "Advisory".  

  Clause 11, page 5, proposed subparagraph 22B(1)(c)(i), lines 4 to 6, omit the subparagraph, substitute the following subpargraph:

  "(i)the nature and extent of research necessary to protect and restore the environment in the Alligator Rivers Region; and".

  Clause 11, page 5, proposed paragraph 22B(1)(d), lines 9 and 10, omit the paragraph, substitute the following paragraph:

  "(d)to refer to the Advisory Committee matters relating to programs, and the carrying out of programs, referred to in paragraph (a).".

  Clause 11, page 5, after proposed paragraph 22C(1)(a), insert the following paragraph:

  "(aa)one member, with scientific or technical qualifications, appointed by the Minister on the nomination of the appropriate Aboriginal Land Council; and".

I understand that all the amendments circulated have the approval of the Greens but that amendments Nos 2 and 7 do not have the support of either the government or the opposition.

  Amendments agreed to.