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Wednesday, 15 December 1993
Page: 4748

(Question No. 797)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Housing, Local

Government and Community Services, upon notice, on 24 November 1993:

  (1) Did the Housing and Urban Development Division, Accommodation Support and Communications Section, of the department spend $55 000 on video production and a kit on housing and older people.

  (2) If this is the incorrect amount, what was the correct amount.

  (3) What is the content of the video and kit.

  (4) What is the purpose of the video and kit.

  (5) How many copies of the video and kit were produced.

  (6) Where will the video and the kit be put to use.

  (7) Can a copy of the video be made available.

Senator Richardson —The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community Services has provided the following answers to the honourable senator's question:

  (1) The Department, through the (then) Accommodation Support and Communications Branch, has contracted with the Australian Pensioners' and Superannuants' Federation to produce a video and an associated kit on housing choices and older people. Payments totalling $55 000 have been made as per the contract.

  (2) See (1).

  (3) The video consists of people discussing their choices in housing as they grew older. Their current housing arrangements are featured, and the reasons for making these housing choices are discussed. A range of options are covered, including relocation, dual occupancy, retirement villages and renovation of the current home.

  The kit consists of information on a range of housing types and living arrangements to expand on the material covered in the video. Topics covered by the kit include: buying and selling a home; home maintenance and modification; sharing a home; and dual occupancy. Contact points in each State and Territory are given.

  (4) To inform and raise awareness of issues relating to housing choice.

  (5) The contract specifies that 500 copies of both the kit and the video be produced.

  (6) The video and kit will be distributed to various community organisations for older people, and will be used in seminars, workshops and similar situations. Broader distribution arrangements are under consideration.

  (7) A copy has been provided to the honourable senator.