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Tuesday, 14 December 1993
Page: 4574

Senator KEMP (10.54 p.m.) —I will be very brief. This has been a stunning victory for the ACTU. No-one in the community, apart from the leaders of the ACTU and the union movement, wanted the Industrial Relations Reform Bill. It was quite rightly bagged by all the major newspapers. It was quite rightly bagged by the people in small business, in large business and in the pastoral industry—the people who create the jobs. The big losers as a result of this bill that will regrettably pass through the Senate tonight are basically ordinary workers whom Senator Burns purports to represent. It is those people and their children who will not be finding the jobs as a result of Australia adopting a highly inflexible labour market system compared with virtually every other country. It will be small business that will suffer—the people who create the jobs. I think it is a very sad day for Australia and we will reap a bitter harvest in the years to come as a result of this bill being passed in this chamber tonight.