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Monday, 13 December 1993
Page: 4452

Senator BELL (9.45 p.m.) —A tempting thought, but I am not quite tired enough to be tempted to do anything to resolve the timetable. This section attempts to achieve the same result as the section it replaces, but does it in a more efficient and comprehensive manner. It provides more certainty, and even more flexibility. Once a union has agreed to be bound by an enterprise flexibility agreement, this section will ensure that the union remains bound, but there is the possibility that the commission may vary the agreement to remove an ambiguity, an uncertainty or a discriminatory provision. In that case, the variation is not considered a variation in the sense of an agreed variation by the parties, but rather a variation which is required. Therefore, the union would remain bound by the agreement itself. So this is a necessary, almost technical, but desirable amendment which we support.