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Monday, 13 December 1993
Page: 4449

Senator CRANE (9.37 p.m.) —While we have said that we will support this amendment because it will marginally improve the situation and address some of the concerns, I wish to put on the record on behalf of the opposition that this amendment is not satisfactory. It does not deal with all the issues that have been addressed in this place here tonight and last week. It is tragic that, once again, we have a clause in the bill which we know before we even walk out of this place will be in the courts. That could have been avoided had it been handled in the proper manner and in the proper place, and this has not been so handled.

  It creates a situation that will mean that the whole of this bill is once again blurred because the Democrats and the government have not thought through the particular aspects of what they are introducing into the industrial relations bill. We on this side of the chamber condemn them for that. Nonetheless, as I have said, it is better than nothing and on that basis we will not be voting against it.

  Amendment agreed to.