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Monday, 13 December 1993
Page: 4445

Senator O'CHEE (9.12 p.m.) —Now that we have had the personal explanation under standing order 190 we can get on with the rest of the debate. The fact remains that Senator Woodley has throughout the debate on the Industrial Relations Reform Bill consistently supported provisions which advantage unionists over non-unionists. Senator Woodley has consistently supported provisions which enforce unionism, which give strength to the unions and which oppose the individual conscience of workers. That is the important point to make.

  I do not intend to get into yet another debate about Senator Woodley's perverted view of particular texts. I merely note that there is a passage in Romans that runs along the lines of `they also gain pleasure that encourage these things'. I stand by the way the opposition voted. Senator Woodley can stand or fall by the way he has voted.