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Monday, 13 December 1993
Page: 4435

Senator FAULKNER (Minister for Veterans' Affairs and Minister for Defence Science and Personnel) (8.06 p.m.) —As I have explained before, there is little more that can be added to what Senator Sherry explained in his previous summing up of the debate on this clause. As I understand it, if either an employer or an employee put up an agreement for approval, then either party certainly has a right of appeal. There is very little more that I can add on this clause.

  I appreciate that there may be differences on this question between Senator Crane, on behalf of the opposition, and the government. That is understood. But I suspect that we are probably getting to the point where we are involved in a circular argument. While I appreciate the differences in position and emphasis, I realise that this clause has now been argued for some hours in the chamber. I think that we have probably reached the end of substantive debate on this point. There is little I can add to what has been said already.