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Monday, 13 December 1993
Page: 4434

Senator CRANE (8.03 p.m.) —The question that I have just asked is a totally new question, which was not dealt prior to the suspension of the sitting. I will repeat the question and will try to make it nice and simple so that those opposite can understand it.

Senator Burns —Don't worry about making it simple.

Senator Panizza —You would have to make it very simple in that case.

Senator Burns —Make it simple for Senator Panizza.

Senator CRANE —Maybe Senator Burns should hop down to be minister at the table because he might be able to answer the question. It might be a somewhat biased answer; nonetheless I think he could answer

it. The question is as follows. If after an agreement has been put before the commission and is revised, either as a result of intervention by the union or because the commission has decided that it does not meet what is required, what recourse do the people involved in that agreement—in other words, the employees and the employer—have to put their case?

  (Quorum formed)