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Thursday, 9 December 1993
Page: 4334

Senator CRANE (9.58 p.m.) —That is an exercise in provocation. I was also involved in discussions with Senator Bell on the amendments. He informed us that the Democrats were not completely certain—he can confirm this—about when the amendments were going to be finalised. As soon as that happened sometime yesterday, Senator Bell and I had a discussion on the telephone as to the final form of those amendments. The same thing happened with our amendments. We ticked off those amendments on which we were going to support one another.

  Until such time as we have the final form of the amendments in front of us, we cannot be making decisions about where we are heading on a particular amendment. There were changes to the Democrats amendments and there were changes to our amendments in terms of the original draft form. Once again, when other amendments were moved, which came from Senator Margetts, there were changes and we then adjusted some of our amendments. So until we get the final form of those particular amendments, we cannot come into this place and say, `You had the draft amendments five days ago or six days ago'. That is part of the discussion process which occurs between the various participants in a debate such as this one and which comes to a particular conclusion.