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Thursday, 9 December 1993
Page: 4333

Senator SPINDLER (9.53 p.m.) —I move:

3.  Clause 21, page 18, proposed paragraph 170DF(1)(e), line 26, after "colour, sex,", insert "sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability,".

I want to comment on Senator Calvert's interjection of just a few minutes ago. I do so as one who has actually been an employer, at times employing a couple of hundred tradesmen. I cannot recall one occasion when I would have felt impelled to dispense with the services of an employee on any of these grounds unless there were other reasons to do so. I may have dispensed with the services of an aged tradesperson, but I would have done so for other reasons. I recall one tradesman of 58 years who was better than many of 25. Certainly, I would not have dreamt of considering whether or not I should employ a person depending on his or her sexual preference. I did not know; it was of no interest. I welcome this opportunity to move this amendment and look forward to the government's support of it.