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Thursday, 9 December 1993
Page: 4326

Senator McMULLAN (Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services) (9.11 p.m.) —Amendment (5) is, in effect, an additional government amendment relating to pay rates. The effect of the amendment as circulated is to omit this clause. So, in fact, we are opposing the clause.

Senator Chapman —Opposing your own legislation!

Senator McMULLAN —Manufactured outrage is getting a bit commonplace around here, Senator Chapman. I would not bother any more. This provision will appear in a different part of the legislation—under the paid rates award section. It has been separately set down, so it is no longer appropriate to have it here; it is not a limit of substance. If people have a pro or anti view about the substance, we will deal with it when we get to the paid rates award section.