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Wednesday, 8 December 1993
Page: 4162

Senator HERRON —Mr President, on that matter I seek your advice as to the procedure that should be followed. If an adviser interjects as occurred, what is the mechanism for drawing it to the attention of the chair, who in this case apparently was unable to see what occurred? It was drawn to the chair's attention at the time. I certainly will not tolerate that again and I seek your advice as to how that should be counteracted in future.

The PRESIDENT —It is a matter for the chair to decide. When the chair is informed of the circumstances the chair should act, and I am hoping that as a result of the statement I have made today the same circumstances do not arise in the future.

Senator HERRON —Is it within the right of the chair to eject that person from the chamber?

The PRESIDENT —Yes, it is, and I have made that clear in the statement. It is like clearing somebody out of the gallery.